Bence Markiel

Bence Markiel

Automation, programming, e-commerce, online marketing

I love to create things and solve problems.


You can call me Bence or if it is easier to pronounce my name then just use simply Ben.

I have almost ten years of professional experience in marketing, focusing on digital marketing.

I worked for several e-commerce companies – B2C & B2B – throughout these years, managed high marketing budgets, have 5+ years in a multinational environment, and have people management experience.

I like programming and I use it on a daily basis in my work routine. I like to consume a lot of data and make decisions based on them.


  • Marketing strategy, automation
  • Customer experience
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO, Google Search Console)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook advertisement)
  • Marketing assets
  • Web analytics, reporting (Google Analytics)

Familiar with:

  • AutoHotkey – have more than ten years of programming experience
  • Photoshop – I am deeply into graphics
  • ERP systems – Microsoft AX, AS400, and related ERP process automation projects
  • Excel – using COM, VBA
  • Web scraping/Web crawling

Feel free to connect with me on the following platforms:

  • Youtube – I tend to upload videos to my channel. Feel free to check out my videos.
  • GitHub – recently I started sharing code, check out my projects
  • LinkedIn – Feel free to connect with me.
  • Facebook – I barely post on it tbh
  • Strava – you can creep my workouts
  • Spotify – my playlist, I really love music listening

My interests:

  • doing all kinds of sports (mostly cycling, sometimes I run a 5k or do a workout)
  • reading books or doing some online research (luckily, I have plenty of curiosity)
  • being outside, animals, nature & astronomy, and generally any science-related subject
  • I am a geek so programming, PC technology-gaming, and tweaking-customizing the Windows OS
  • family-friends time as everyone else

BoD 1987, Budapest HU

attributes: left-handed, INTP, AB+, green eyes