AutoHotkey meets Heroes3

AutoHotkey, AHK editors - which one should i use?

AutoHotkey is the perfect way to demonstrate how effective automation can be. At the end of the last year, I decided to write an AHK script for Heroes3 which will save time and makes gaming much more comfortable.

Heroes of Might and Magic III is a unique game and still have a huge player base even 20 years after the first official release. I’ve received only positive feedback about my HoMM3 project so I started to share the progress on my site. Later I will share the mod so everyone can download and use it.

The newest feature: defend or wait multiple times in combat


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Set, ‘def’ or ‘wait’ multiple times

Heroes 3 Automated Defense - battlefield

Using the defend or wait button is essential during fights. Most of the times you need to press the ‘W’ or ‘D’ button multiple times.

Pressing the Ctrl+Alt+D combo will open an input box where you can set the value of the multiplier.

Heroes 3 Automated Defense - battlefield inputbox

You can set the value between  0 and 7

After you set the value you can use Ctrl+D to defend multiple times. If you want to modify the value again you need to press the Ctrl+Alt+D again. This will also work with pressing Ctrl+W to wait.

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AutoHotkey Heroes3 mod – SetDef

Using the SetDef will enable you to set the value of the multiplier. The function only works if you are in a fight so it doesn’t interfere with other hotkeys. The value must be between 0 and 7. After I run an incident (77 times defend) I rather made some limits. If the value doesn’t fit it will return the last used value or null if you didn’t set any before (e.g.: you’ve just started the script).

RPAWR Heroes3 mod Def function

If you set a value greater than null (not > 7 obv.) this function will click multiple times on the defend button. First, it gets the current coordinates of your mouse location then clicks x times on the def button.  In the end, it will go back to the starting position.

RPAWR Heroes3 mod Def function

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