Old Jira view

How to change back to the old Jira view

Jira is a great tool for organizing teams around tasks. A few months ago they started to roll out the Jira’s new layout. When I first saw it I felt blind and I clearly remember it was a rainy Monday when we first met. I don’t really know why companies make so radical changes.

Why they can’t just make these changes slowly so this way people can learn, notice the differences between the layouts?

I guess the initial goal was to improve the user experience and efficiency as we talk about a project management tool. Well, I was really frustrated so I decided to revert it back to layout I get used to it.

I talked to several colleagues and they had the same horrible user experience. Bravo!


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How to revert back to the old Jira view?

Don’t panic you can change it back from your profile but at some point, I am pretty sure they will drop the old view.

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Open Jira

Click on your profile and settings button

How to change to old view step 1
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Scroll down to the Jira labs section

Deactivate the new Jira issue view feature


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