Trello and AutoHotkey
format your cards like a pro


What is Trello good for?

Trello is a powerful, free web-based list-making application. A unique and intuitive task management tool where you can visualize task with cards and lists on boards. It’s really flexible you can use for work or for personal reasons.


You can have your own private boards while you have some other boards shared with other users (typically your co-workers). You can use this precious tool by using your computer. Visit the main website or just use the appropriate application on your phone (Android and iOS – both are available).

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Why should I format my Trello Cards?



Which one is better? Think long-term.

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We can all agree the right one is more appealing, easier to perceive, understand the meaning of texts. The only problem is with using the format commands is not so easy to manage it manually. There is no WSIWYG (what you see it what you get) editor to edit your texts. This is why I wrote some basic functions in AutoHotkey (AHK) to replace this pointless manual work. Most of us already using these hotkeys a lot anyway.

Are you interested in AutoHotkey? Check my article


Trello and AutoHotkey – the elegant way


I made a short video about these functions, you can check it how does the script work in real life. The following hotkeys work only if Trello is the active main window.

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Available, supported text formats by Trello

This wonderful, free tool uses a markdown language which is a simple language (more like syntax) to format text. Trello allows using a few commands. Formatting works in card’s description, checklists, and comments and last but not least in your Trello bio. Note, doesn’t work in card titles!

The standard Trello commands

Bold: **bold**

Italic: _italic_

Crossed Out, Strikethrough: ~~crossed out~~

Text code: `code`

URL, Link: [linkname](URL)

Horizontal line / Page break: — (wrapped by empty lines)

More about the markup syntax

Quote: every quoted line starts with > Greater than sign

Quote code: text is wrapped by three tildes “` text “`

Bullet list: every line starts with a hyphen, followed by a space, then your text

Numbered list: every line start with a number and followed by a dot

Hint: you can create a numbered list with typing the same number, it will still show as a numbered list.

You can easily format your text as header using the hashtag symbol.

H1: #Header
H2: ##Header
H3: ###Header
… and so on until H6

learn the Trello built-in hotkeys

I’ve also made a HELP script which shows a tooltip after pressing a hotkey (F1).